Méli-Mélo Rigolo

En ce début de nouvelle année, nous souhaitions vous présenter une entrepreneure qui a fait du chemin depuis janvier 2011, moment où elle a décidé de s’inscrire à la formation en démarrage d’entreprise du Fonds d’Emprunt. Son emploi de fleuriste ne lui convenait plus et elle rêvait secrètement de fonder son entreprise.


Veronique Baker – O’Cils

Lashes! You find that it gives pretty eyes, a deep and sexy look, but you wonder about the application of eyelash extensions, can it be dangerous for my eyes?


Armonia Center

Let us introduce you to Denise Guerra, massage therapist and entrepreneur. She started her business « Armonia » in 2008. She specializes in care and massage techniques.


Libre Empreinte inc,

Jérôme Dallaire is one of three shareholders and the co-founder of Libre Empreinte Inc. This company has been in business for more than two years in the creation of various design projects and in custom manufacturing of residential furniture, commercial or movie set.


Comptabilité SJ

The entrepreneur of the month is a bubbly, generous, focussed, women who we can count on for our organization’s accounting and for several companies. But we can also be sure that she will be part of our numerous activities.


Paon Design

Have you ever wondered how to dress your windows? How to dress a steel door without making holes in it? What would be beautiful? What are your options? What solutions stores have to offer?


Nuit Magic inc.

Have you ever seen flying lanterns at night? This moment of sweetness where one raises the eyes to the sky to see a thousand fires light up the sky and where you hear « ohhh, this is so beautiful! » That’s what Annick Filion, founder of Nuit Magic inc. is offering you!


NλDλ eco atelier

We invite you to discover a young Laurentian fashion designer who has chosen a path that is still unknown in Quebec, but which over the years has become a must in the fashion community, that is, ethical and eco-responsible fashion.


Skifuté etc.

Geneviève L’Abbé took part in the start-up training session of the Fonds d’Emprunt in January 2018. Her business, Skifuté etc., specializes in the design and manufacturing of storage systems specially designed for cross-country skiing equipment.


Fromagerie Saint-Sauveur

Nancy Olivier took part in the s’Entreprendre Program offered by the Fonds d’Emprunt in the fall of 2017 to guide her, and her spouse, in the opening of the Fromagerie Saint-Sauveur.