Nuit Magic inc.


Have you ever seen flying lanterns at night? This moment of sweetness where one raises the eyes to the sky to see a thousand fires light up the sky and where you hear « ohhh, this is so beautiful! » That’s what Annick Filion, founder of Nuit Magic inc. is offering you!

In an enchanting site, you will live a unique, magical moment. Everything is there to create a soothing, relaxing and warm atmosphere. This activity, which takes place at nightfall in Saint-André d’Argenteuil, is an excellent complement for a family gathering or a picnic. The site is lit by hundreds of torches. The lanterns launching, on which you wrote greetings, messages, thoughts or others, is accompanied by soft music, which makes the effect even greater. If you wish to commemorate or celebrate life, birth, health, love, mourning, marriage, peace or others, this is a unique, original, unifying experience.

The Fonds d’Emprunt is very pleased to have supported Annick Filion in its pre-start up and start-up phase. Her entrepreneurial qualities are undeniable. Already in high school she put them to good use, and she pursued them for fifteen years in the family business.

We wish her great success with Nuit Magic and we invite you to check out her Website or her Facebook page to find out the dates of the next evenings and see images of these magical nights. That will certainly give you a taste of what you will be enjoying by participating in these magical moments.