Veronique Baker – O’Cils

Beautiful eyes, yes… but not at any price!

Lashes! You find that it gives pretty eyes, a deep and sexy look, but you wonder about the application of eyelash extensions, can it be dangerous for my eyes?  Are there standards to be respected? Are the technicians well trained? All these questions are more than relevant. The health of your eyes is at stake.

We are pleased to present you an entrepreneur who has all these questions concerning safety and health issues at heart. Veronique Baker has been in this industry for a few years, and she struggles hard to raise standards and enforce them.  With ten years of experience as a technician and trainer in eyelash extension, she is the founder and co-owner, with her mother Johanne Racette, of O’Cils since 2014.  O’Cils is an eyelash extensions training business.  It also sells its own range of eyelash extensions products, superior quality, to technicians throughout Quebec and France.  Meanwhile, the O’Cils Lounge offers the fitting service to the general public in Sainte-Adèle.

One of Véronique’s goals is to ensure that people who want to become eyelash extension technicians receive proper training that meets the strict safety standards of the National Association of Lash Artists (NALA).  Always mindful of safety, she has developed a range of products and training accredited by NALA.  This training gives future technicians the confidence they need to have a great career.  You cannot improvise this technique. This could cause serious harm customers.

Véronique and Johanne attended the start-up training sessions with the Fonds d’Emprunt. The company existed for two years already when they decided to register and write their business plan.  They realized that their business plan allowed them to give a direction to their business, organize the various components and services offered, set goals, plan their budget and especially to better prepare for the growth of the company.

2019: fabulous start!

Between January and April 2019, O’Cils takes the road and goes on a training tour ; from Chicoutimi to Val d’Or, going through Drummondville, Sorel, Gatineau and Rivière-du-Loup, if you are interested, check out above link.

She works a lot on her marketing plan, promoting the company and making women aware of the need to choose an experienced and professional technician.  To do this, she has, among other things, an article in Mitsou Magazine. To discover her advice, read this article.


If she has any advice for new entrepreneurs it is the one she received from a lady one of those days when the spirits is pretty low: “Do not let go! Sometimes the challenge may seem impossible, the path is not easy, but you just have to believe in your project and make the necessary efforts to achieve your goals.  Success does not happen by snapping your fingers!”

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