Comptabilité SJ

Comptabilité SJ

The entrepreneur of the month is a bubbly, generous, focussed, women who we can count on for our organization’s accounting and for several companies.  But we can also be sure that she will be part of our numerous activities.


Sylvie Jalbert came to the Fonds d’Emprunt in early 2008 to follow the start-up training class.  This training has provided answers to her many questions about her project of becoming self-employed while providing tools and tips to implement her project.


In March 2009, Comptabilité SJ was born.  The company offers bookkeeping services, accounting software training, business start-up and remote technical support for a diverse clientele: professionals, construction companies, self-employed workers, non-profit organizations, medical services.


An example of longevity for entrepreneurs


As much as we like to shed light on the recent entrepreneurs we have helped, we are also committed to underline those that survive and defy the statistics. We are therefore very proud to present Sylvie’s business since it is a great story of perseverance and success.


Imagine, Comptabilité SJ has been in business for almost 10 years. This is a great achievement when you know that it is often difficult to carry on in the business world. One of her secrets: she has a professional coach who helped her see further.


Does she have any advice for people who are going into business? “Do not hesitate to seek help from professionals who can make us save time and money. Do not believe in each and everyone’s opinion.  Go and get the information at the right place. A good planning of our time will be profitable for our management. As she says so well, it’s worth paying someone for a service instead of trying to do it ourselves and wasting time.


The difference she sees between her today and her at the beginnings of her project as a self-employed worker? She gained experience, which leads her to have more confidence in herself and make better choices. This is very useful during networking meetings, activities that she suggests to any entrepreneur.


Although the services she received from the Fonds d’Emprunt dates back to 2008, she’s still maintains a good relationship with us and demonstrates her commitment by participating regularly in events, workshops and other events organized by the Fonds d’Emprunt.


Her services are offered in French.  But if you want to know more about Comptabilité SJ, visit her Website or Facebook page. As she says so well, it’s worth paying someone for a service instead of trying to do it ourselves and wasting time.