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Veronique Baker – O’Cils

Lashes! You find that it gives pretty eyes, a deep and sexy look, but you wonder about the application of eyelash extensions, can it be dangerous for my eyes?


Armonia Center

Let us introduce you to Denise Guerra, massage therapist and entrepreneur. She started her business « Armonia » in 2008. She specializes in care and massage techniques.


Paon Design

Have you ever wondered how to dress your windows? How to dress a steel door without making holes in it? What would be beautiful? What are your options? What solutions stores have to offer?


O’Cils et Lounge O’Cils

Let us introduce you to O’Cils and O’Cils Lounge. The two partners Véronique Baker and Johanne Racette took the start-up training course, in April of 2017. Even though the company had started three years ago, they found it important to take the time to think and determine what they wanted for the future of their business.