Paon Design

Creativity for beautiful windows!

Have you ever wondered how to dress your windows? How to dress a steel door without making holes in it? What would be beautiful? What are your options? What solutions stores have to offer?


The Fonds d’Emprunt is pleased to introduce you to Audrey Janelle, President and Founder of Paon Design, which offers new options to dress your windows.  In business since September 2013, Audrey designs and manufactures beautiful magnetic products to cover your windows.  These unique and innovative products adapt to steel and wood windows. A product made right here in Saint-Jérôme.


Audrey’s creativity has no limit; she loves to create unusual and never seen textile objects. Her training in fashion design, her exploration of various craft techniques including the art of weaving and textile handling, gives her a different background and vision to create exclusive window coverings.


PAOMA, a New Generation of Blinds


Just before the official launch of her business, she had conceived an original solution for a semicircular window whose shape reminded the feathers of a peacock; hence the name and image of her company. After a few months of operation, a brilliant idea came to mind, inventing the PAOMA, a magnetic washable blind with no rope to increased safety. It’s a really beautiful innovation for steel doors. This invention will become the star product of her company. With a provisional patent, she can produce and sell it in different versions.


In fall of 2018, Audrey signed up for the business start-up training group offered by the Fonds d’Emprunt.  Although her business has been running well for the last 5 years, she wanted to rework the business plan to forecast its expansion. Her goal for next year is to develop 12 points of sale throughout Quebec and open a production workshop with a showroom in April 2019.


“This training allowed me, among other things, to specify my expansion project, to have a vision of my business in the long term and to set clear goals. In short, put my energy in the right places. Furthermore, the exchanges between the participants are important and we learn a lot from the experiences of others, “said the entrepreneur.


She decided to channel her energy in the PAOMA blind. Since September 2018, she put on ice the other areas of her business (custom manufacturing, furniture restoration, custom design and textiles). She has an online store, but she found by participating in different shows that customers need to see and touch the fabrics.  That’s why she wants to focus on opening distribution points and a showroom. On November 9, she inaugurated with pride her first point of sale at Peinture La Baie store in her home town region of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. She plans to open more by the end of the year, including one in Saint-Jérôme. The distributors’ response has been positive and she admits that she was well prepared to sell them her idea. She adds, “The workshop “Know how to sell yourself” during the training sessions was very useful since it helped me prepare my “sales pitch” and be at ease to contact potential distributors and the media.


So looking for something original for your windows, created 100% in Quebec and in the Laurentians, safe, and of various sizes? PAOMA is a very interesting alternative. In addition, this dynamic designer will listen to your needs and recommend the best solutions according to your tastes and wallet.


We invite you to visit the Paon Design website or follow Audrey on her Facebook page.


Nous vous invitons à visiter le site Web de Paon Design et à suivre Audrey sur sa page Facebook. Soyez assurés de nouveautés dans les mois ou années à venir, car Audrey n’est vraiment pas en panne d’idée. Bonne continuation à Audrey et à Paon Design.